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it was alright. i couldnt sleep too well but i know my dad is alright now, hopefully he can get out of the hospital soon

i literally did nothing productive all day because our state got ass blasted with snow

My day? I dont own a day.

pretty stuff actually. my friend broke up with her boyfriend so that started a bunch of drama, dude that i used to know tried to kill himself, and something that ive spent a solid year on may be for nothing just because a melodramatic girl got into a fight with an adult that completely lacks perspective
also flunked a history test but oh well lmao history class is useless anyways

p good so far, but I have sooo much work to do

I just finished all of my finals today and ya know what, I feel I did well on them.

This is about to get monologue-ish, but in the entire space where I left the forum, I completely changed myself. I lost weight and by god am I happy I did, if you're on the fence about it, just do it. Having actual confidence in your appearance is something I have to thank my friends for. I was an absolute reclusive shut in with my appearance and securities a year ago, and if I didn't change myself for the better, I probably would have been in that complex. If I didn't lose weight, my grades would have probably not improved, and I wouldn't even be in college by now. Losing weight for me has been a tumble effect, and this year has probably been the best year of my life. I feel everything has set up to this moment and I feel like I've escaped that pit of depression that's crippled me throughout high school. It took me nearly two years to recover, but I feel I'm a better person now and it was an obstacle I could overcome.

I had a boyfriend this year, I met my close friend group irl this year, I have stability for once in my life, and I feel like I finally have a purpose.
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i finished my math final and i think i did good so ye

well i woke up, had 5 ribeyes and 5 yolks, regular weekday breakfast for me. then i hopped into my monster truck to drive down to the beach shop to do work like giving out autographs, selling merch etc then i went out for lunch break, got 5 hot dogs, 6 cheeseburgers and a milkshake because i was feelin the heat brother. anyway after a few more autographs i did an interview with some commie, im 100% sure he was just tryna siphon information out of me like some kind of government spy. after that i closed up the shop and hopped back into the monster truck to go for a late night workout, benched 980 and powerlifted 1200 haha just the usual brother yknow? and now after pumpin the muscles im watching wrestlemania 3 to remind myself of when i was still employed, oh yeah i forgot i ate a whole cow before going to bed. gotta stack those calories brother HH
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I've had a headache all day. Trying to break my addiction to discord so I can get a real life and lol as if that'd go well so I've half been stuck dwelling on things and half doing chores.

helped my parents out with some stuff though which is nice because I love helping them out.

hope everyone else is having a good day

it's been alright except for the part where i bombed my spanish 2 speaking exam. other than that it's been pretty chill

i also forgot to put some stuff in my hair and it rained dandruff whenever i scratched it hahaaaaaaaaa uhg.

i also forgot to put some stuff in my hair and it rained dandruff whenever i scratched it hahaaaaaaaaa uhg.
let it snow