Author Topic: limerick tries l4d2 dead center expert solo  (Read 813 times)

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i think you need to learn more about the game before attempting something like this.

the person in your inspiration video seems to know a lot about extended hit boxes when meleeing (turning the mouse when shoving to maximize all frames to shove zombies).

and also about how spawns work. Special infected spawns less when other teammates are dead, but still spawn. they're on a timer.

if you kill zombies, more will appear in front of your path out of view. if you keep those zombies alive and rush past, there won't be any ahead until the previous ones despawn.

I can't even do one of the last Dead carnival levels at normal let alone Expert, good luck to you.

just ask koopaskooper hes an absolute mad man when it comes to left 4 dead

i hate dark carnival good job for dealing with it

the info khorde gave would have been good to know after about 20 failed speedruns and tank's playground (internet went out so i am reuploading the video)
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Coach is going to GRAB that COLA