Author Topic: IceFreeze (BL_ID: 42431) - Brick Spam and Attempted Server Crashing  (Read 2408 times)

please ban this noob from your freebuilds

also he called me gay and thats mean

He's a real jackass. Spammed me on glass and followed me around in servers spamming that I was Ana. Every server I see him on he's in an argument.

he went rouge in our steam group and kicked 200 people by hand after he got mad after play terraria

he also sent us death threats on gothboys server and kept acting like an starfish until goth banned him


Someone in my discord claimed he was attempting to steal Steam Accounts a while back, I'll try to get the post if possible.

he is just a richard a doodle /support

ya ice is really retarded and annoying. i would advise anyone to ban this starfish

[credit to simpletonnn for taking these images]

holy stuff i'm about to english his ass right now

holy stuff i'm about to english his ass right now
just what I was gonna do

doesn't justify brickspamming lol

what is it with people spamming because they get "bored"

Noedit: sat down and had a conversation with him