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yeah they were, i just made they for jayce for his servers and whatnot.

Oh alright, cool.

Update: Reorganized "RunescapeProt" to Trogtor's section and "DM3" hats to the Misc Pack section.

Update: Added "Salmon's 2007 ROBLOX Hatmod" to the Misc Pack section.

**Officially the largest single hat pack**

Update: Added "[SWCCC] Star Wars Alien Hats" to the Misc Pack section.
Added "sebi" to the Single Pack section.
Added "Node Hiding + Player Hats" to the Extras section

You better get back in there sebi.

here's 2 simplewell hats that should work with the current hatmod

i guess i could convert them but that'd be pointless and kinda hard to position, as i said they already work with hatmod so
oh yeah and thanks to the recent rtb2 dump there's more where that came from

Update: Added "SherlockHat" and "HCZ" to the Single Pack section.

thanks to the recent rtb2 dump there's more where that came from
Sweet keep them coming.

I'm also going on faith that simplewell hats run on the current hatmod as I haven't tried it yet.
If this is wrong, please let me know.

here's a whole lot of non-hatmod hats
hats with /help suffixes have color variations


also i suggest you change hcz to headcrab zombie
makes more sense that way

Update: Added "Hat_Cakehat, Hat_AviatorHelmet, Hat_BlocklandHatCollection, Hat_BrokenTophat, Hat_Chef, Hat_GasMask, Hat_Lamphat, Hat_Overalls, Hat_PilgrimHat, Hat_RomanHelmet, Hat_Santa, Hat_Spectacles, Hat_DragonWings, and Server_Asshat" to their own Download Only section within the Non-Hatmod Hats section.

And it really uglied up my format too...
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Update: Added "Stikfas's Used Hats Sale" to the Misc Pack section

Update: Added "Salmon's Star Wars Helmets" and "Salmon's Ridiculous Hats" to the new BloxxerDood section

PS: Please PM me about any new packs that need to be added. I'm not as active anymore.

Update: Added "Wizard Hat" to the Single Hat section

Update: Added "ZeUberMedic's Hats" to the Miscellaneous section