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Around the middle of 2016 I found out about Discord and decided I would start a small server for my farming server. The gamemode itself gained some popularity but the server laid dormant until the very end of that year when I hosted New Years. The group that made the server was private, but I believed a public forum was conductive to the party atmosphere so I rebranded my old discord server into the 2017 New Year's discord. The date came and went but I now had a server with over a hundred members in it. Facing criticism for being a bit too edgy and offensive, I rebranded the server as Anodyne in early 2017. Not content with simply having an unorganized discord with hundreds of members, I figured it was time to get official and actually have a member's roster and ongoing projects.

What is crystallizing now is a group of server hosts and creators looking for a consistent place to chat, build servers together, and purge the community of anyone who slightly disagrees with one of our extremist opinions. If that sounds appealing to you, be sure to ask about joining below.

As stated before, we've just started to crystallize into a more official group. Due to this, it's a bit difficult to post a completely accurate members roster at this point. With that said, we've had an informal tradition of taking users from the mass and separating them into degenerates and good citizens. We have a few dozen or so people who have earned that later distinction though we will be asking them one by one if they'd like to be put on our official members list. I, DrenDran, am the founder with Momentum and Celau serving as administrators.

We will begin posting more cosmetic add-ons which are in line with the theme of this topic here as well as showing off our current servers. Any scripts or gamemodes released will be posted in add-ons and linked back here.

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hell yeah fill me in on this stuff

Good looking topic, curious to see what anodyne can accomplish

edit: i suppose the new years server was an anodyne project, which I had lots of fun on. So keep it up guys :J
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i want to be part of it.
but wait, what is this group focused at?
oh wait i see.

I have reported this thread.  Prepare to be banned.  Thank you.

Hey, thanks for the replies.
We'll probably host our first actual server as a clan this weekend in the form of a Blockland Tower test.
Be sure to say something to me on discord if you want to be added to the members list.