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Author Topic: Player_UgandanKnuckles V3  (Read 18323 times)

I know I might get a lot of hate for it but, here it is lol
but really don't take this seriously it's just for silly fun

It's skin color can change depending on the color of your chest, head and arms, also some things I should point out though, my skills in playertype making is very limited, so this lack some animations and features, but if you feel like making a refined version with more features and animations to replace this one including a proper hatmod support, be my guest.
Find the way

Change Log

V3 Update (01/31/2018):
- Head and arms can change colors separately depending on your avatar colors.
- Script has been cleaned up and reorganized.

V2 Update:
- Added Head Look up and down, jump and death animations
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is good tho

no filipe
we trusted you
you were the chosen one

ugandan knuckles sweatshop server when

can its head look up and down

we should host a ugandan knuckles + douglas fir the talking tree holocaust server

This was inevitable

Great job

I added a new picture on op comparing the size of knuckles with a blockhead

Pairs great with TIDE PODS®

The forums are quite divided.

i mean i appreciate the effort but