forget you for making this
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Thanks, now I can find the way
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Author Topic: Player_UgandanKnuckles V3  (Read 13837 times)

I updated the playertype again, the head and arms can have their own colors now and the script has been reorganized and


The saddest part is that you're taking this seriously.
yo i think you're the one who took him seriously

Now make the queen and commander.
all you need to do is to delete your head and mount a ugandan knuckles bot to your spine

not as long as scrungusbungus lives

What The forget AM I Looking At

but now what do I do to play?

shame on you  jk i like it

shame on you  jk i like it
why would you bump this abomination

shame on you  jk i like it
janurary memes loving suck and you should feel bad for liking them