Did you like what you ate today?


Author Topic: What did you eat today? [DAY 90]  (Read 19739 times)

i ate an many oranges and then i put the peels in my hat and kept it that way for 3 hours because i'm demented

about to eat another stuffed meat lovers pizza from Papa murphys

well thanks for reminding me to finish today's food checklist

2-23: toaster strudel, sliders, pizza rolls, mcchicken, saltines
2-24: mac and cheese, kfc, saltines
2-25: hash brown, pizza rolls, dominos, saltines, brownie, cheez its, pepperoni roll, kit kat, stale cheese
2-26: 10 wendys nuggets and fries, im gonna make something else to eat right now

yesterday I had some goulash yum yum

Magnificent microwave casserole.

Steak and potato.

went out to a buffet that serves lunch, dinner and breakfast.

Hashbrown meal ready to eat

yesterday i ate a pizza dude

for dinner ive had the same thing as every day since thursday
mcdouble with no pickles, small fries and dr pepper