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whether you do art or music or something else i was curious what all you guys use for your creative needs
post whatever you use for whatever media (or multiple medias) you do including whatever software you may use if that applies

Audacity for anything audio related e.i; recording or editing audio.
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I loving love cables. keep an eye out for my mixtape in a couple weeks.

wel i use and my mouse
i've tried using different things like gimp and a drawing tablet but i just couldn't ever get used to them so i just stuck with what i knew

keep an eye out for my mixtape in a couple weeks.
hell ya fam
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can i star in the mixtape
Are you any good at the plastic recorder flute?  :iceCream:

for visuals:

after effects
mouse, 3d mouse, and tablet combo for everything

for audio:
electric and bass guitars
two launchpads and an mpd 18
an m-audio venom and novation launchkey 61

thats my go to toolset. posting everything is a lot
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for modelling i use blender
my image editing and all that stuff i use and very rarely use photoshop
for music production (which i do none of) i have fl studio and an akai mpk mini

i like to play electronic guitar

Drawing: Paintool SAI, Bamboo CTH470 Tablet
Image editing: w/ a stuffton of plug-ins
Video Editing: Adobe After Effects
Video Making: Adobe Premiere Pro
3D Modelling: Blender (2.49b and 2.78)
Audio recording/editing: Audacity
Video recording: Nvidia Shadowplay

welp i forgot to post mine

I still use 2016 Max because the UI update sucks a big one.