Author Topic: Biggest bump you've seen?  (Read 3550 times)

pff, people post that stuff in the furry thread too.

i literally googled "bulge anime"

...its hataraku maou-sama

which i've watched before

but i dont recall this scene wtf

edit: apparently the giant snake is photoshopped in
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toxicology bumped a second life thread that was more than 4 years old


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a bump so mean
badspot had to intervene

Nooooo I pm'd him to remove it I was too late...
They took my brother Conan see what these streets do

sadly you can't do that anymore. badspot added a limit so you can bump old topics from the dead.

there might of been a few cases before then but idk.
turn on quick posting and click to do it
other than that this is the biggest blf bump ever


User was banned for this post
whoever reported this boy is dead