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if you could somehow do the old map tank battlefield I'd love you forever. Or slopes.

was tank battlefield the island map with the large bunker in the middle?

also yeah slopes is dope

I tried doing slopes, torque3d was loving fighting me with textures..

port crossfire from hl1dm

Oh man Xen? Heck yeah. Great work datiel!

port crossfire from hl1dm
I was working on it. Wayy before I started Xen and Black Mesa. Was also working on Snark Pit because it was small.
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do this and i will kill you
too bad bitch, i already have completed ground collision and wall collision is %50 rn
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try to port gm_shambles  plss

try to port gm_shambles  plss
100,000+ Vertexes, not possible...

try to port gm_shambles  plss
And thats just one of my issues with it

port black mesa hazard course

Facing Worlds
never heard of it but seems port-able i'll try to import it
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