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What is The Arcade?

The Arcade is a Discord group dedicated to providing a good experience to all Blocklanders who join, everybody is welcomed.

At The Arcade, we often do events such as gamemodes and what not along with other stuff unrelated to Blockland entirely as a group. However the Group is much more then just a place to play games/hangout.

The Arcade is also a place where you can meet up with creators if you are one yourself that are looking for fellow users to collaborate on projects with, whether it be for a gamemode or possibly a build or whatever the case being. If you need a modeler or some kind of scripting assistance, we have specific roles on our discord where you can call those experienced users out and request for assistance.

The Group is basically overall a pretty much anything group, by that we mean we literally do it all. Hangout, play games, make stuff, overall a place where you can meet new friends and experience what most often don't. You're able to give yourself roles that we provide that can assist your spot on the server such as game roles like Overwatch, Minecraft whatever the forget you can think of we can add it or its probably there already. We also provide collaborative roles like Builders, Eventers, Modelers, you get the point.

If you'd like to be a part of our community then by all means feel free to join our Discord.

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When's the next big build going to be made?

When's the next big build going to be made?
Typically the Saloon (Discord group of peeps who made the arcade) all together make stuff for the server in terms of I guess you can call them official gamemodes for the group, we don't typically accept outside help unless we offer people a chance to join in. We don't really do massive builds that require all that much help we keep our projects pretty simplistic.