Author Topic: A mod that mutes /stereo and boombox mods  (Read 918 times)

The main reason I need this mod is because I'm absolutely tired of listening to people play repetitive loops of songs I dislike clashing with the music I'm currently listening to. I guess I can disable all sounds playing, but in games like paytos's despair syndrome, it's a necessity to be able to hear.
tl;dr i dislike stereo and boombox but most games i play on bl require the ability to hear
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you can turn off music in audio settings

you can turn off music in audio settings
It doesn't disable stereo and boombox stuff. That's specifically why I'm requesting this mod.

oh it doesn't?
Disable Music does not disable the sounds created from the boombox and the stereo mods, for some reason.

It is a problem with the add-ons I think.