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These are some extra no-collides that reorganize the current ones for small-bricks into a category, add a print, and include other addons as water bricks.

Included Packs turned No-Collide:

New Category / Icon

Leaves the originals unmoved

If you already own the original addons, replace them with these or experience errors! No-Collide pack includes them for convenience!

Extract addons from the Zip.

Dropbox Download
Google Drive Download

If you have any problems with the pack please tell me, I'll address them when able. Even take it into your own hands if you want.
Credit for the originals/bricks themselves go to their respective owners:
Masterlegodude, siba, Demian, Tophius, Pass, Kris, and Emil.

You finally released them publicly! Ive been waiting for this since you announced them.

so ur tellin me i dont need to worry about this?

No, but you can back them up if you're too worried.
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It came to my attention that I'm missing some smallbricks wedges for some reason. If anyone has an addon that includes them I'll put them in real quick. The thumbnail might look a bit different though since the old one was on my broken PC.

Do you think maybe the No-Overlap bricks should be there own section within the brick menu?
My rounds and plate sections are getting crowded.

Oh, this version has that.
Time to update damn it!
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