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Author Topic: FALLOUT 76 THREAD | THE FINAL FALLOUT MEGATHREAD  (Read 27839 times)

does it count if I let it run in the background for 3 hours straight?

it will be better than fo4

Bet it won't even have nv chars

im pretty hype i hope the writes will do a better job

fallout nv got me reading a lot about life post-nuclear holocaust and this new game starts as soon as its "safe" to roam the surface again which will be cool to see, how are they going to do towns? what kind of enemies? cant loving wait
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You people can't be serious

This is an obvious cash grab

shocking. a business actually attempts to make money!

I can't handle another Bethesda fallout. I was hoping for new Vegas 2

Its going to be another terrible fallout game with no RPG mechanics.

Fallout 4 was already watered down to death.

i'll drop off some flowers at your headstone after you have a massive coronary from the sheer existence of fallout 76

I'm actually pretty hyped. The pipboy in the trailer has 27-OCT-2102 on it so im guessing its a pre-unity game which is really exciting.

No surprise the sheeple are over hyping this

Did you forget how stuffty the dlc was in fallout 4?

I was hoping for new Vegas 2

Tony, do you smell burnt toast?