Author Topic: CityRPG Modification or Remaster  (Read 350 times)

Hi all,

I am looking for a coder interested in working on new features for CityRPG to make it more fun and to adapt on ideas that have been introduced in the past. Specifically, I want the gameplay to focus more, or add more benefit/interest to creating buildings and selling structures. And, while I want those new gameplay features to apply to all players, these build-based features could be further enhanced by perks from an "architect" job tree.

If it interests any coders, I would also be interested in starting the gamemode from scratch.

I can offer commission if requested. I understand how long and tedious coding can be, and have access to PayPal and Zelle.

The product will be presented on the server run by my alt "Blockland City." I am hoping to run the server as long as possible.

Specifically, the features I want to implement are:
- Mayoral elections and powers that affect how the city functions such as taxation and "city plots."
- A skill tree and perk system for building, mining and lumberjack, and other skills like sales, pickpocketing and law.
- GUI overlay with statistics and functions with other features
- An ore and lumber economy that adjusts based on the supply/demand of ore and lumber, which is used for the placement of special bricks and regular bricks, respectively. (Some prices are fixed, especially when the ore reserves are depleted... In that case, ores and lumber are imported at a fixed rate and the mayor can subsidize either skill/job/activity to promote more material creation and lower the prices.)
- A building rating system, accessible by GUI, where higher average ratings unlock additional perks separate from the traditional perk tree.
- A better clothing sales/selection/wardrobe system for tailors and their customers.
- And, overall, better quality of life features and adjustments.

If you are interested in coding for any of these features or a new gamemode entirely, please message me. If you have any suggestions for features, post below or message me. Thank you!