Who Drives better

Leland when he stole the van to get a fidget spinner.    
12 (80%)
Baby driver.
3 (20%)

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Welcome to the Kid Temper Tantrum Megathread. Get to know the dysfunctional family. There's Daddy, Mommy, Leland ( kid temper tantrum ) and Leanna the sister. They like to do skits of the kids freaking out over silly little things, or destroy things just for the fun of it. *These videos are acts.* They post these videos for entertainment.Sometimes we have stuff that breaks and it is more fun to destroy it than just throw it away. The kids are in on everything and enjoy acting!

The Family
Name: Leland
                                                 Age: 8
                                                 Description: The troublemaker of the family he loves to have fun and destroy stuff.

Name: Leanna
                                                 Age: 7
                                                 Description: The sweet little sister of Leland but gets bullied by him and gets her stuff destroyed by leland also.

 Name: Lee
                                                 Age: 37
                                                 Description: The dad of the family he is a light hearted family oriented dad and tries to make everyone happy.

Name: Carole
                                                 Age: 20s or 30s
                                                 Description: The mom of the family she loves everyone and raises her kids well.

Name: London
                                                 Age: 1
                                                 Description: The baby of the family we all love she's a sweet little girl who is a master of cuteness and poopness.

shut it zoophile
O-oh o-okay edd. p-please just t-take my lunch m-m-money. i d-dont want no trou-trouble...

Also I still need an answer for what the forget this thread is about.

O-oh o-okay edd. p-please just t-take my lunch m-m-money. i d-dont want no trou-trouble...

i feel like im going to jale by lookin at this :/

KTT News:

Move over Baby driver Leland stole his uncle's car to go to Mcdonalds watch the epic chase scene with super epic police chases so watch this now its family friendly fun for all ages.

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what kind of name is london