Author Topic: [SWCCC] Hatmod - Star Wars Alien Hats  (Read 4797 times)

Requires Hatmod and Script_Hatmod_NodeHiding

Includes six new alien hats inspired by Star Wars!
(Left-to-right) Aqualish, Bith, Duros, Ithorian, Gran, and Rodian

Gran and Bith by me
Aqualish, Duros, and Ithorian commissioned by me. Made by Filipe.
Rodian provided by Filipe (Never before released)


ayyy nice

lego star wars memories

some of the best models designed for blockland that i've ever seen

it rides that fine line between detailed and simplistic to match the bl playertype. really top quality stuff.

needs more Mon Calamari

you forgot darth c3p0

Are there pictures? Because I can't see anything lmao

Are there pictures? Because I can't see anything lmao
There are pictures. Idk how you can't see them they're hosted by imgur if that helps.

they all look great!

These are heckin solid my dude. I would suggest Mon Calamari if you are planning on making any more.

great work cowboy dude

now i wanna make the character creator from lego star wars