Author Topic: Bendy and the ink machine prints and brick pack  (Read 816 times)

I would really like a bendy and the ink machine brick pack and some decals for a map i'm making. The decals and bricks that would be good are cutouts the lights some chairs an axe (item) and some boards to cover door ways and maybe JUST maybe a bendy that is a vehicle or bot. thanks for reading and seeing this suggestion, hopefully someone makes this! (and no i do not want the retro face pack)

bendy? who the hell is bendy?

there's definitely a few axe add-ons already released, use the search button and you should find what you need. As for everything else you can do most if not all of it with default events, bricks and avatar options

can we make bendys fidget spinner

wait a sec this is the same guy who requested tattletail addons

supermariologan is my fav ytber

don't listen guys, don't do a pompmaker and make stuff addons out of a stuffty game. do what's right and don't do it.