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Author Topic: Celau's Mafia Madness {DOWN}  (Read 12183 times)

I've been wanting to host soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning for the summer on Blockland, and I haven't seen one of these servers around in a while. Every weekend or so I'll put this up (or maybe I'll do what Jailbreak does with a dedi server that I unlock and lock when admins are on) for some stuffs and giggles. There's a lot to be desired in some of the stuff in MM as well so I'll try to improve it as I go along.

Do /rules in the server for more info
Mafia Madness (which may be referred to as 'MM' for short) is a gamemode based on the classic game of mafia.
There are two basic teams (or more accurately, alignments) that seek to eliminate each other: the Mafia and the Innocents.
The Innocents do not know who the Mafia are, but the Mafia know each other and work together to eliminate everyone else.
The Innocents work to eliminate all the Mafia through wit and observation.
Remember: Mafia Madness is about the process of elimination, not the elimination itself! The point is to figure it out, not murder randomly.
The game is divided into rounds, each round being independent, with an intermission DM period in between.
At the beginning of the round, the list of roles is generated, and every player is given a random role from that list.
When you receive your role, you will get an explanation in chat of how it works and how to use it! Pay attention!
If you're a Mafia, you will also receive a list of all other Mafia in the game. You can access this list again with /maflist.
If you're confused about a role, you can do /describe [ROLE INITIALS] to get a description.

Q: Is this based off Bracket's MM or Otto's MM2?
A: This is based off Otto's MM2.

Q: Does this have custom content?
A: Yes, we already have original roles and gamemodes made that aren't in MM2 and we're working on more.

Q: Is this running off a dedicated server?
A: Not at the moment. Currently this is hosted by me occasionally on the weekends.

Celau (53456) (Host)
Caden100 (9890) (SA)
Trinko (33152) (SA)
Phanto (48720) (SA)
Sprite (33303) (A)
Redconer () (A)
Charles () (A)
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A server powered by Jewish trickery...

I'll join for sure!

sounds like it's well put together. will you be hosting this tonight or is next weekend more likely?

sounds like it's well put together. will you be hosting this tonight or is next weekend more likely?
i already hosted all of last night and most of this morning, was usually at the 16 player cap
next weekend it'll be up

if you just went to bed like i said

introducing 3 new roles and a new gamemode

Doctor: every night, the doctor can protect 1 person from an abduction or give 1 extra life (can take 1 bullet before dying)

Forger: a mafia that can change a corpse's identity every night (or make a fake corpse once a game)

Skeptic (only in the new gamemode): an innocent that can spy in on the cult chat

the gamemode
Untie the Hindus: A gamemode that pits just the cult against the innocents

i have thursday off, so the server might be up then

i also wanna rework the traitor role into being less stuff so you might see that back

hey my roles are in this game nice

I don't know why Spy and Skeptic are their own separate roles, clearly they should've been merged like years ago.

Traitor was removed for a reason. It's fundamentally flawed because its just a Godfather without godfather chat and the mafia won't actually know who it is so they can easily accidentally RDM a traitor teammate. The entire role basically violates the team dynamic of mafia and is a bad role to have in any mafia game unless you intentionally want to cripple both Town and Mafia at the same time. It COULD theoretically work in Socks, but then it would result in a more powerful cult. If you want to rework traitor, just leave it removed and use godfather instead. Godfather is identical to traitor but better

A better alternative is the corrupt cop which worked out pretty well.

Code: [Select]
new ScriptObject(MMRole_Cop_Corrupt : MMRole_Cop)
name = "Corrupt Cop";
corpseName = "avaricious officer of the law";

letter = "CC";

colour = "<color:FFBB00>";
nameColour = "1 0.8 0";

displayColour = "<color:1122CC>";

description = "\c4The <color:FFBB00>Corrupt Cop \c4is a cop that gets \c3reversed results\c4 for investigations.";

corrupt = true;

package MM_Cop_Corrupt
function MM_getInvResult(%cop, %target)
%align = %target.role.getAlignment();
if(%align == 1 || %align == 4)
return 0;
       return 1;
                parent::MM_getInvResult(%cop, %target);
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good stuff thx phantos

For an explanation of how corrupt cop fits into the cop hierarchy

1. Cop
2. Corrupt Cop
3. Naive Cop
4. Paranoid Cop
5. Insane Cop

Unlike Naive Paranoid and Insane, Corrupt Cop can actually get 'accurate' results once it's determined who is the corrupt cop. In the presence of other cops, CC is invalid, but once the other cops are killed off, CC basically becomes the Real Cop.

So already CC is pretty good for Town. To balance that, CC invalidates the 'group investigation' Physician Prescribed Desoxynod where everyone investigates the same person to determine who might or might not be reliable. Since CC and RC get opposite results, a group investigation won't yield anything.
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Not like im an authority on this server, but usually mafia madness doesn't require more than two active admins at one time. Adding more admins is more room for abuse.

in the past i've kept my admin list pretty low, and any admin that didn't actively do their job dealing with complaints i eventually removed since there was no reason for them to exist

unless i host this dedicated and have it where admins open/close the server depending on when they're on, the list will be small for now
corrupt cop is now in the role pool
server is online