What i can do for the new gamemode?

Fight for honor (FFH) (4 honor rip_off)
Half-Life DM parkour (HLDM P)
Mini-DM (MDM)
Fortnite dm (FDM)
No-Gravity DM (NGDM)
Mech-DM (MDM)
Car-DM (CDM)

Author Topic: DMore NEW Gamemode (discord server)  (Read 8320 times)

I have a new admin is

you can just edit the original topic you know?
also, why is halo set in afghanistan
well halo is set in kenya.........

i cant join ur servers

also, why is halo set in afghanistan
halo 6 is taking place in afghanistan

you could use [img ]http://[/img]

that's cause you're not linking the direct png files

lmfao i love this topic already

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie....

That's dmore

This honestly is a cool idea, multiple servers in one. I take it the OP is young and English isn't his primary language, but his idea is cool