What i can do for the new gamemode?

Fight for honor (FFH) (4 honor rip_off)
Half-Life DM parkour (HLDM P)
Mini-DM (MDM)
Fortnite dm (FDM)
No-Gravity DM (NGDM)
Mech-DM (MDM)
Car-DM (CDM)

Author Topic: DMore NEW Gamemode (discord server)  (Read 8296 times)

I've met this guy in game and no, he's not English, probably young, but it seems like a promising idea, yeah.


LOL The name is Mutti ( a italian tomato sauce) the black tomato

ignore this post it works now
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look at the first post

want to know what the funny thing is? i said you can take my ddr as long as you credit me. what you did is, you took my ddr and don't even credit me. then you have the loving audacity to join my server to say you 'fixed' and 'improved' it, and call me stupid in this topic, when the only thing you changed is the difficulty names and have the wrong colorset.
[not like i've re-vamped the ddr since then anyways, its far superior than that one and includes song charting]

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Stairs War[/size]
"stair wars"

i like how he didn't have the balls to reply to crazy