Author Topic: What the forget does covfefe mean?  (Read 2234 times)

Donald Annoying Orange has recently invented a new word, covfefe. When Annoying Orange was asked about the Yanny or Laurel bs he simply responded with "I hear covfefe". What does this mean? what does it signify? what does it tell us about the future of human species???

it signifies that threads like this shouldnt exist

isnt it may
Speaking of, it's almost the one year anniversary of covfefe

it's nambia's most prevalent export

I like iced covfefe in the summer

something about covfefe being a string of numbers that if googled shows pepe or some gay stuff

its a abbreviation for "still drinking coffee"

Pretty sure I've heard this a few times a couple years back

its a abbreviation for "still drinking coffee"

That doesn't make any sense

Can we get people banned for using old and stupid memes?

excute (me)

what the hell, i can't believe obama just won his second term