Author Topic: YouTubers are calling Blockland a ROBLOX ripoff to clickbait their fans.  (Read 10430 times)

Yeah forget roblox for making a profit
I'm not against ROBLOX making money, but they've been acting really greedy over the past few years.

And don't forget to smash the forget outta that like button because if you don't I will come to your house and drop a nuclear bomb in there.

*9 minutes later, still blabbing about things completely unrelated to the video's name and saying smash the like button every 30 seconds.*

Seriously, why can't they do ACTUAL research and see that Blockland actually came before

Seriously, why can't they do ACTUAL research and see that Blockland actually came before
Because the video will get a LOT more views if you add "ROBLOX or MINECRAFT RIP-OFF" than "BLOCKLAND LET'S PLAY" in the title apparently..

Youtubers using misleading titles to make more money?


good ROBLOX YouTubers

I'm talking about the classic ROBLOX YouTubers, not the cruddy new ones. :-/

people are reading culture of critique

Hello guys, it's your boy EpicYeezy29 back at it again with another lit video, ESKETIT!!! Today we're gonna take a look at this gay game called, balockland, and it's some roblox ripoff of something. But before we play, if I spin this fidget spinner on my xbox controller, you guys HAVE to smash that like button. Ready, go! *spinner spinning on xbox controller* Now you guys HAVE to smash that like button!

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*10 minutes of uncut boring gameplay later*

So yeah, this game sucked, roblox is alot better, but fortnite is better than all of those. Don't forget to subscribe, turn on notifications, and smash that like button! ESKETIT!!! Tune in next time when I call Thanos from Infinity Wars at 3:00 AM. *7 minute outro with obnoxious dubstep music*

blockland 100% ripped off terreria it's so obvious

well i mean roblox is beter so

Roblox 2006

Blockland 2004

roblox is a ripoff of blockland
(roblox is a fuking stuff, is very bad)