Author Topic: King of Ghosts: Endless Zombies Edition  (Read 3485 times)

Based on this request:

Ghost enemies that now work as custom zombies under EZM, as seen on Bushido's server. Comes with a few changes:
  • File name changed from Script_GhostBots to Script_GhostZombies to distinguish from the version for the dungeon gamemode. Obviously don't enable both at the same time
  • Slayer pref: Disable Ghost Crouching. Ghosts look kinda goofy when they crouch, so you can disable it if you prefer. Has no effect if using Custom Ghost AI.
  • Slayer pref: Custom Ghost AI. Overrides the EZM AI, seems to make zombies more aggressive. Using this AI ghosts will not be affected by most EZM prefs such as "Always Find Player", they will not crouch, and will growl a lot more.
  • Ghost minigun animation now resets properly
  • Ghosts that can't jump good will no longer randomly jump. Except aircraft bombs.

Cool promo pic:

Colorized version:

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Where the heck did you find Script_GhostBots?
Can I get a download for Script Ghost_Bots?

Awesome Thanks!

Thank you kind stranger! xd

no but i'm actually really happy you got this working
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more screenshots would be nice

Added color picture so people can actually see what the ghosts look like. There's a video in the linked thread if you want to see them in action.