Author Topic: [HELP WANTED] WARATHONERS - AN UPCOMING TDM  (Read 4123 times)

forget yeah I'm up to build
(Trinko pls)
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shut up lol
its valid

Also bumping because I have started on titles and achievements. the weapon pack is growing more by the day and the class/custom class systems are completed

What kind of maps are you looking for? Also if you're interested I have some work done on my own personal builds I've used for DMs. I can show you pictures if you'd like. PM me details.
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The first picture looks amazing. I'm not so sure about including a mech into the mix, though...

Looking forward to seeing it finished!

Holy forget, just by that first image I'm hyped

This looks cool, but unfortunately I probably wouldn't have the patience to help build/code/administrate a TDM server. Not saying that I wouldn't be able to build or administrate for a different kind of server, though. I also wonder how you're able to get these precise percentages.
How do you do it?
well actually the overall percentage is wrong, it should be 36.46% complete unless they're somehow scaling how much the overall project relies on certain aspects