what do you think the setting is going to be?

Skyrim High Rock
9 (34.6%)
Saudi Arabia, er, HammerFell
4 (15.4%)
Furry Heaven AKA Elsweyr
2 (7.7%)
Skyrim 2 electric boogaloo
5 (19.2%)
Elf vacation resort (Summerset)
0 (0%)
Shrek's Swamp (formerly Argonia)
3 (11.5%)
100 acre Valenwoods
2 (7.7%)
Weaboo World (Akavir)
1 (3.8%)

Total Members Voted: 26

Author Topic: Elder Scrolls 6 Megathread (?) Adult Swim Shills can't keep us down edition  (Read 4713 times)

people who play elder scrolls games unmodded are like people who buy battlefield for the campaign. they are doing it all wrong and are essentially not even talking about the same game as us.

i would buy es6, just to not touch it for 2 months while the big name modders got the main stuff up. my loving mod folder for skyrim of 6 times larger then the game install itself lol. i refuse to ever even try to play "skyrim", whatever thats all about.
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I bet it's going to have settlement minecraft building too.

I wished
At the very least they'd probably do what they did in skyrim and limit of a small area of a foreign land as dlc.

The Glder Scrolls VI

I ain't no bethesdrone.
you're excited about doom eternal tho
which is bethesda

you're excited about doom eternal tho
which is bethesda

typical sjw response

more tweets and posts about elder scrolls blades, still no 6


you're excited about doom eternal tho
which is bethesda

No DOOM is ID.

bethesda just publishes that stuff and tries to take credit for it

yea can we go to a place that doesn't have mer or beastfolk thanks

they say a woman giving birth is the most extreme pain they could feel, maybe then they can understand the pain a brother goes through when still no ES6 news

i mean they are obviously going to continue to be quiet about it

best we could do is cross our fingers and solute our pains