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entire overhaul of the steam friends lists, entirely new group chats, proper discord-like voice chat, embed links, videos, pics and much more

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Holy stuff that looks so cool

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UI and some of the features are nice, these are my highlights (good and bad):

I want a old style of chat, where it's User: Message, I hate the current format. You get less messages on screen because of it.
You can now do : to show up emoticons which is awesome, but why does the actual emoticon screen look so bloody tiny? (Emoticons are also cached now)
I hate the forced random games at the top. I don't want this, I want my own categorization of people.
By default now aliases you put on users become their actual usernames. You can actually disable this in settings to make it old style where aliases show up in parenthesis which is nice.
Account name no longer shown on main Steam UI so you can share screens without worrying about that anymore.
You can dock the friend list with the chat making it nicer for some.
There needs to be a way to disable that group chats at the bottom. It's kind of ridiculous to have that there when you are in none.
There should also be a way to filter who can send you attachments. As far as I am concerned someone can just add you now and spam you with gore or research.
There doesn't seem to be a way to disable displaying offline people anymore.
The chat tabs in chats are too enormous.
The unread messages in friend list might be redundant.
Clicking your avatar in friends no longer takes you to your profile. This is literally the end of the world.
Changing tabs with ctrl+tab is extremely laggy and doesn't work most of the time.

Unless they change the way the skin system works, it might be possible that in this state the new friends list is not skinnable. The chats are now ran through steamwebhelper.exe, and it seems like this page https:/ is identical to the docked version, which suggests a similar UI system as Discord.

This also asks for a in-game overlay update sooner or later (preferably sooner) because the friend list in-game now looks so out of place.
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