Author Topic: "Stylish" browser extension steals your Internet history  (Read 873 times)

Nobody had posted this yet and since I originally installed the Stylish browser add-on because of custom Blockland Forums styles and I know people here have used the add-on I figured I should let people know that the extension is now spyware.

Quote from: Robert Heaton
Unfortunately, since January 2017, Stylish has been augmented with bonus spyware that records every single website that I and its 2 million other users visit. Stylish sends our complete browsing activity back to its servers, together with a unique identifier. This allows it’s new owner, SimilarWeb, to connect all of an individual’s actions into a single profile.

This is the extension.

Here are some Blockland Forums styles released on that Stylish uses:

An alternative extension "Stylus".
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this is the punishment for your hubris

did le white theme hurts my eyes meme start from redditors because i honestly dont see any problem with the regular theme

Who isnt stealing your stuff? I mean, just take a look at your cell providers data sharing contract next time you get a chance. Were all so far down the rabbit hole there is almost no point in caring unless youre a business professional protecting your IP.

people who aren't used to staring at computer all day screens tend to not like looking at solid white

Beat me to it
This stuff sucks

god damn it now my eyes are bleeding

imo the default theme is just fine, i have my screen brightness down most of the time and have an automatic nightlight to go easy on my eyes at night

discords white theme is still the only white theme to hurt my eyes

I didn't even use Stylish for custom themes, I just used it for that one extension that makes all [color= transparent] text into a 4chan styled [spoiler].

Now i need to find an alternative to stylish.