Author Topic: 1000 ways to die  (Read 2790 times)

45. Eat 1000 soy bars

46: preach veganism until everyone hates you and you are considered a public threat

48. inhale ozone
49. kiss a belt sander

50. break open a lava lamp and ingest whatevers inside of it

51. slip on the rest of the leaking fluid and fall on the shards

52. drive a car with the shifter up your pusillanimous individual
53. watch 2 girls 1 cup
54. enjoy 2 girls 1 cup which will warrant killing you
55. piss off genghis khan
56. be gay during the third reich
57. go black friday shopping
58. call your parents by name

59. drop the soap around tyrone

60. insult thanos
61. creating a recursive time loop
62. creating a recursive time loop
63. creating a recursive time loop

64. be blocklandblockocity

65. Stare at the sun for 24 hours

66. take blocklandblockocity's avatar and put it to the side of your head, then pull the trigger.

67. should have aimed for the head

68. watch the resident evil movies
69. watch a uwe boll movie
70. watch a sharknado movie
71. watch the avgn movie

73. Moonwalk down an up escelator.
74. Be Batman's parents
75. Be Diablo Immortal