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One thing I want to say is that I'm making sure the map is equal to all players no matter their shader setting.

People with shadows on low or higher will not be negatively affected from the map as the shadows are not dark enough to hinder your vision.

I made the brick lines darker so people without shaders can no longer see bricks in the dark as well. It's literally no different than having shaders on minimum.

I am using client environments so when you go into a cave or something it is dark for EVERYBODY shaders or not.

Graphic options be damned, no longer will garbage tier PCs have an advantage over people using shaders, ever again.

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Player owned housing will soon be a thing and I will eventually open the beta up for the town section of the map.

You will be able to purchase a home and you can store your items in the home with the GSF inventory mod.

If you want to prevent theft or trespassers you can upgrade your home to buy things like window bars.

You'll also be able to purchase decorations and other things. Even take a nap to restore health.

I just need a way to allow players to purchase a house and have the door automatically set to their ID so no one else can open it without me having to set their ID manually.


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I really do hope this works out well, very fun just to explore the map so far.

I love some of the details, and new features and such. Don't be surprised if I join in sometime in the future.

The atmosphere is great. Keep up the good work Lord Tony

I need your opinion on how I handle death in this game.

I wanted permanent character death but since this is an RPG maybe I don't need permanent character death.

New spawn area, replacing that stuffty old spawn room I had.

Does anyone know if there is a playertype to disable suicide?

Optional Download:
Unzip the file, drag and drop Fiddums Family and Double Feature into C:\Windows\Fonts.

So I am going to possibly use these custom fonts for client chat events. Unfortunately the fonts need to be downloaded on your computer to view them otherwise you'll only see Arial on my server.

I may pick different fonts in the future or I may remove these entirely and stick with default if no one bothers to download them.

Either way it's not required it just makes the build nicer.

I just got my helmet first person vision fixed.

If someone is willing to help me out with the script then this armor mod will be all set.

Me like that cage knight helmet vision

I just updated loot chest values. START BUYING SOME loving LOOT BOX KEYS! DLC!  :cookieMonster:

  • Better loot
  • More randomized loot
  • Loot chests are based in tiers. For example you have about a 10% chance to get 100 coins on a tier 1 chest but you have like a 40% chance to get over 100
  • coins on a tier 2 chest.
  • At the moment the only way to get keys is through bot drops. The harder the bot the better the key.
  • Fake bomb trap chests are added into the map, be on the lookout for telltale signs.

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oh boy time to be clicking on that bomb chest only to find out i'm getting forgeted