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Build is very atmospheric, made me bussanut.

Also I know it was said but do download that climb mod; certain parts of the build are only accessible through it.

bump bitches c:

Build is very atmospheric

Thanks, that's what I'm going for.

I don't like adding music for ambience. I like adding subtle stuff like wind or cave dripping sounds, etc.

It's too bad a lot of my add ons are broken. I'm stuck with old ass add-ons that havent been updated in years.

On-topic boards on the forum are a loving ghost town. No help there.

If only I spent 500 dollars in add-on commissioning I'd be all set.

anyone interested in help building?

Bot respawn time has been fixed. I can now have bots running around normally now.

Very promising server. I can't wait when it's completely done.

I want to be able to make a race, class and gender system however I need a specific add-on that doesn't exist and the ones that do exist do not seem to meet my needs.

I'm trying to make a spawn room that allows people to basically make their own character through button events. I want people to only use specific medieval avatars and I don't want to ban people for not following the rules. It would just be easier if I were to disable the non-medieval parts.

So I need working avatar events.

I need them to also work with player persistence.

I want to prevent people from changing their avatar anytime they want except through events I created.

All other add-ons I've seen that do all this seem to be broken and they heavily conflict with my game and bots.

If you can help me out or know someone that can help me out please PM me.

The best part is if I can get this add-on I'd be able to make playertypes based on gender.

I'd set up gender playertypes to play sounds based on that gender. No more of the generic default androgynous sound effects.

Also with this avatar restriction it would be easier for me to set up classes and give specific perks based on the avatar parts you pick.
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Does Event_setAppearance count? Or have you tried that over & over.
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Does Event_setAppearance count? Or have you tried that over & over.

It's too buggy and forgets everything up.

I've had people just become 100% black might be a confliction with conan's dueling swords.