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Be on the lookout for these guys.

oh boy time to be clicking on that bomb chest only to find out i'm getting forgeted

Welp I had to make a custom print just for this.

I'm testing out something new.

I'm going to be tweaking it but I'm looking for interesting ways to add gambling

I'm going to be tweaking it but I'm looking for interesting ways to add gambling

PvP death pits

thats cool as forget

The vendor also laughs at you when you miss and insults you.

Haunted woods DLC

I was worried I wasn't able to pull this off because if people have shaders turned off they won't be able to see the fog meaning they'd be at an advantage over people with shaders on.

However I found a way to make it harder for these people to see, forcing them to go on minimum.

Because I don't care if off setting users are at a disadvantage. I only care if minimum or higher are at a disadvantage.  I consider "off" to be a form of cheating.

The difference between off and minimum is huge.

With that being said it is a huge challenge to try and design a build that allows Minimum and higher players to not be at a disadvantage to off players. If only minimum was enforced.
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well, minimum shaders will lag me pc cause i play on toast

I gotta find someone that can turn this into a map for me.

Score no longer counts as money anymore, money is now independent.

Score is going to be used for a special reward system now. Special perks, items, quests, etc.

Aas of right now the only way to get score points is as follows.

Killing a player -1
Killing a bot +1
Dying -1
suicide -2

But I will be adding other ways to add score in the future like quests for example.

I just added a herbalism skill.

I'm testing out skills we'll see how well it works out.

Runescape 5 is going to be loving RADICAL

We got skills, we got crafting

RP town is almost ready