Author Topic: Addon error a server prefs addon "server is running is different from yours"  (Read 271 times)

Hello Just getting back into the game from years ago and I have an issue and currently can't figure out which server preference addon it is.
But when I join other servers that have it I get this error, it says I'm running version 0.0 dev? while current is something like version 2.4
anyone know what addon this is and where I could find the current build/update? thanks!

currently have installed that could be causing this:
server_gamepreference manger v2 from RTB archive.

Well for starters you should get rid of those old server prefs mods. I used to use them but they break the game.

Redownload Blockland Glass from the forum thread. It auto updates itself and other Glass mods for you.

Also post console.log please.