Author Topic: The Largest BL Add-on Collection (7903 add-ons!!)  (Read 46626 times)

im an attention whore so can u add my addons in the archive pls

big addition! i've downloaded every possible addon from glass, and along with a couple other addons i've added/updated 465 add-ons! now the archive has 7k add-ons!!


Oh, wow! So many memories, hahaha...

You've even got the rifle I made back in '09, jeeze. That takes me back.

Did this just recently get stickied?

I have a handful of old bricks that I made that have probably been long forgotten;

I think all the download links work, I tested a couple but not all.

wait holy stuff its stickied what since when

I spent like 5 minutes looking for this topic and thought "hmmm must have been failbinned"
Literally the opposite

no clue if it was badspot or rotondo but thanks so much!! im treating that as the "BL staff seal of approval"

holy stuff we pinned boys!
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found a face you could put in there
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Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em.