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Author Topic: Swifthyena's Vehicles & Maps Topic (Sumitzu Sidewinder, City Map released)  (Read 26021 times)

Swifthyena's Vehicle Downloads.
              "do i even want to work on these anymore"
 All credits go to Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Turn 10 Studios, 3DRT.com and Bugbear Entertainment for the models. Some models here are also mods from other games, so credit goes to whoever made those models as well.
Take note that these are tested numerous times to check if there is any flaws (in the scripting, model, etc.)
These also do not affect your performance, for the people who complained about the Bus that i released back in April affecting peformance.
Also the only known issues with the vehicles is that your hat will clip through the roof.
Anyways let me shut up and show you the vehicles (and the like 1 single map) now.


The City Of Cambridge
Cambridge is a fairly decent sized city featuring a freeway, and many areas to build and explore. I figured i'd release it because I cant work on it anymore, as I have lost the blend file to it. Everything, except the bottom of the rivers, and buildings have collision. Then again, In a way, it's a good thing because the datablock count is lower for a map of it's size.

Download: https://blocklandglass.com/addons/addon.php?id=1294

1996 Sumitzu Sidewinder
Introduced for the 1996 model year by Japanese automaker Sumitzu, the Sidewinder is your best friend when it comes to getting pretty much anywhere, whether you're going on a road trip to Florida or just driving to and from work.

Download: https://blocklandglass.com/addons/addon.php?id=1292

2006 Saturn ION
The Saturn Ion was a compact car sold by Saturn between the 2003 and 2007 model years. It used the GM Delta platform. The Ion replaced the Saturn S-Series in 2002, and was replaced by the new Saturn Astra in 2008. Production of the Ion ended on March 29, 2007. (Source: Wikipedia)

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/vokoq/Vehicle_SaturnION.zip

Flatout 2 - Vexter XS
Ported from Flatout 2 obviously. I removed the front bumper because i thought it kinda looked ugly.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/ymhpx/Vehicle_VexterXS.zip

1981 DMC Delorean
"If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious stuff."

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/zkony/Vehicle_DMCDelorean.zip

2008 Ford Mustang Convertible
A nice convertible variant of the Mustang.

Download: link: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/tfflk/Vehicle_FordMustang.zip

2002 Chevrolet Camaro 35th Anniversary Edition
the 35th Anniversary edition of the Chevrolet Camaro produced in 2002.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/glpma/Vehicle_ChevroletCamaro.zip

2009 Dodge Grand Caravan
Soccer Mom's best freind.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/hfzob/Vehicle_DodgeGrandCaravan.zip

2001 GMC Yukon
A large SUV that seats 6 people.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/bakae/Vehicle_GMCYukon.zip

1999 Dodge Durango
A medium sized SUV that seats 7 people.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/lvvjv/Vehicle_DodgeDurango.zip

2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer
A small SUV that is the successor to the original Chevrolet Blazer.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/eodou/Vehicle_ChevroletTrailblazer.zip

(GTA V) Vapid Sadler
A large pickup truck that is visually simular to late 90's to early 2000's model years of the Ford F350.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/krasb/Vehicle_VapidSadler.zip

1998 GMC Sierra
The legendary truck that kicked off my vehicles topic. Maybe its your dad's work truck. Maybe your going to go pick up some hot chicks in it. Maybe you will just cruise into the sunset with it blasting country music. Idk, but anyways, It seats 5 people, enough room for your freinds.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/mhnna/Vehicle_GMCSierra.zip

2006 Dodge Ram SRT10
2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10
A small pickup that seats 2, looks good, but most of all, has a strong and powerful V10 Viper engine under the hood.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/garyl/Vehicle_DodgeRamSRT10.zip

2001 Chevrolet Blazer
A small, basic SUV that seats 4 people.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/dkncp/Vehicle_ChevroletBlazer.zip

2008 GMC C5500 Ambulance
An ambulance. Thats all. Nothing special. This will probably get the treatment of a box truck, bus, and a flatbed soon. Not guaranteed that will ever happen though sadly.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/dagtl/Vehicle_C5500.zip

School Bus
You've probably seen it in mobile games before. I mean, honestly I just picked it up last year on the Unity Asset Store for 10 dollars. Anyways, it carries 15 passengers.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/cbsfn/Vehicle_SchoolBus.zip

1999 Ford Crown Victoria
The classic Ford Sedan. You've probably seen one of these roaming around the streets of your town as a police car or taxi.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/qasde/Vehicle_FordCrownVictoria.zip

2005 GMC Savana 1500
Decent work van, not much else to say about it.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/sjhvy/Vehicle_GMCSavana.zip

2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty
A big, lovey truck for all of your work, and off-roading needs. Seats 5 people.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/kwpcl/Vehicle_FordF350.zip

2006 Chevy Impala
The car that my dad used to have.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/leegu/Vehicle_ChevroletImpala.zip

2011 Lincoln Town Car
Or if you want to put it the other way, the car that was featured in Mildly Interesting Blockland Adventure

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/kpdtk/Vehicle_LincolnTownCar.zip

- more stuff from tom clancys ghost recon wildlands
- some other stuff i ported from gta san andreas.

Also i hope someday to add animated steering and possibly animated window wipers.

Q: Why do you make this stuff?
A: If Datiel can port maps, then I can port vehicles.

Q: What tempted you to start doing this?
A: I got bored one day, and opened up blender, and ported over the GMC Sierra that i had posted in gallery back in March, and afterwards, i was tempted to make some more.

Q: Will you ever make your own models?
A: at this point i have no idea

Q: Will you ever port models from any other games besides Driver: San Francisco?
A: Maybe.
Q: Where do you get the models from?
A: I get them from a website that has the models with a download link, but i wont give out the link to the website.
Although with some of the cars, like the GTA V ones, i just rip them directly from the game's files.
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nice driver sanfrancisco models

They look good.

What's the face count on these?

out of everything why did you use ubisoft models

is the speedometer in the first gif supposed to represent frames
not bad

I guess it's understandable you're using these as practice and improvement, but why not try stepping it up a notch and consider making low-poly models out of them

You have these imports as a good reference to get you started.

I guess it's understandable you're using these as practice and improvement, but why not try stepping it up a notch and consider making low-poly models out of them

You have these imports as a good reference to get you started.
Im actually considering also making my own models someday, and releasing them alongside the ported cars.

make a ported tank next pls

make the turret move too and stuff and have it actually shoot with a barrel animation of it going back into the turret slightly to simulate recoil-absorption

Lincoln Town Car, Chevy Impala, and Chevy Blazer will release tonight.
Edit: Chevy Blazer released will be delayed due to problems with the model.
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make a ported tank next pls

make the turret move too and stuff and have it actually shoot with a barrel animation of it going back into the turret slightly to simulate recoil-absorption

why not port the rhino from gta:vc

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please port the hl2 jeep/buggy

Edit: im releasing the Ford Crown Victoria early this morning.
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