What kind of cars would you like to see more?

Service Vehicles (Buses, Work Trucks, Vans, Taxis, etc)
21 (18.9%)
6 (5.4%)
2 (1.8%)
2 (1.8%)
Pickup Trucks
2 (1.8%)
6 (5.4%)
4 (3.6%)
5 (4.5%)
6 (5.4%)
0 (0%)
3 (2.7%)
anything but a loving car please
54 (48.6%)

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rip some car models from l4d2

Bump, a remaster of the GMC Sierra is on the way, and should be released sometime this week.
Also to be released soon:
2006 Cadillac DTS
2009 Dodge Grand Caravan
2010 Ford F150

Also some lovey DOF shots of the vehicles on Datiel12's CS_Assault.

High poly vehicles in a lower poly map make 'em good!

High poly vehicles in a lower poly map make 'em good!
You should make a map that has a long stretch of road that i can test drive these on, that is, if you can find one.

Anyways, back on topic with the vehicles, i had this pop up on my mind that when i finish the 98' GMC Sierra, that i should do an edit of it and make it's SUV counterpart, the 1998 GMC Suburban. But this is probably never likely going to make it past the drawing board.

Also to add, the Ford F-150 is now being worked on, and the Dodge Grand Caravan will be worked on once both of the 2 pickups are released (Ford and GMC). I am also planning a remaster of my forgotten Dodge Neon vehicle that will also be released.
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my question is how do you not get the vertex indicies error when exporting to a .dts

my question is how do you not get the vertex indicies error when exporting to a .dts
dont know what your talking about, but if your refering to when all of the faces disapear and there is just a bunch of green vertices, that happens to me sometimes, but i usually just fix it by seperating the model into smaller parts.

Also, today i got bored and decided to port a car from GTA V, the Vapid Sadler. I also worked on the GMC Sierra a little bit, but ill provide pictures later because im lazy...

For those of you wondering why the tires look simular to those on the f-350, its because its the same ones, but with the texture fix.
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If you have it you should import some models from the Burnout games (Most preferably Revenge or Paradise)

1998 GMC Sierra, oh yes, the vehicle that started it all. (Although technically that was my Driver SF School Bus from like November 2017)

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I just released a Suburban in this generation...
he doesn't care, but neither should you. anyone who picks his cars over yours deserves what they get.

yay more high poly as hell cars, this'll be in handy. Some good stuff

Import the Infernus from GTA V