Author Topic: The Largest BL Add-on Collection (7576 add-ons!!)  (Read 9478 times)

oh wow didn't notice this happened
very neat thank

I spent like 5 minutes looking for this topic and thought "hmmm must have been failbinned"
Literally the opposite

update to the archive:
  • moved everything into a 'Retail' folder instead of 'misc'. makes more sense that way.
  • merged the RTB2 and RTB3 archives into the main big archive. having them separate isn't really needed and makes checking for duplicates difficult.
  • split all of the add-ons into folders based on the add-on type. this is mainly to stop your browser exploding when opening a folder of 7k files.
    • note that you can search the entire archive by using the search function in the main folder - it searches every folder upwards of the one you are currently in, including all of the add-on categories.
also: im considering moving domains as i dont want this to be on the '' domain - the current domain isn't permanent. will update later if the transition occurs.

move domains


this should be it's permanent location now!!!

new additions! sorry for the lack of updates to the archive - other projects have taken my focus
i've added 388 add-ons to the archive:

more new additions, mainly from phflack's add-on folder and butta's findings.
165 added/updated add-ons:

new additions. pretty slow progress but there's still progress. mainly just recently released addons and other bits
102 added/updated add-ons:

woah forget when was this pinned

why the hell cant i run 300 addons at once