Author Topic: Massive Complete BL Add-on Collection (7029 add-ons!!)  (Read 5523 times)

oh wow didn't notice this happened
very neat thank

I spent like 5 minutes looking for this topic and thought "hmmm must have been failbinned"
Literally the opposite

update to the archive:
  • moved everything into a 'Retail' folder instead of 'misc'. makes more sense that way.
  • merged the RTB2 and RTB3 archives into the main big archive. having them separate isn't really needed and makes checking for duplicates difficult.
  • split all of the add-ons into folders based on the add-on type. this is mainly to stop your browser exploding when opening a folder of 7k files.
    • note that you can search the entire archive by using the search function in the main folder - it searches every folder upwards of the one you are currently in, including all of the add-on categories.
also: im considering moving domains as i dont want this to be on the '' domain - the current domain isn't permanent. will update later if the transition occurs.