Author Topic: [toxicity overdrive 3] Thegoodperry becoming a toxic SJW  (Read 3932 times)

but remember when he used you as an example of a problem user

i don’t know what’s going on in this thread right now but all im hearing is stuff about how electrk’s on his period and im not feeling so hot about that

Inb4drama about Nobody and Postal

He's now wasting everyone's time by locking his thread because he refuses to answer a simple question

Is it possible to remove someone's permission to lock threads? Because i feel like Tony's now about to cross a threshold for that

how about you leave the forums you brain-melted loving retarad

User was banned for this post
LOL!!! Eon got PWNED!

AKA working on his kickass medieval RP.

I would love to but unfortunately I do not spend over 500 dollars in add-on commission.

So I'm working with old ass add-ons and no one wants to help.

So kinda hard to work on it.