Author Topic: script_NewMapRotation breaking game/deleting player upon "map change"  (Read 180 times)

I want to use script_NewMapRotation for my server so it rotates maps for my new Zombie Mod gamemode i'm developing.

However, i'm having a serious issue with script_NewMapRotation breaking the game when the "map rounds" are up and the map is supposed to change

upon attempting to change the map, I get this message in chat:
Code: [Select]
ERROR: File "" not found. If you are seeing this, you broke something.
At the same exact time, my player's body is deleted and I am unable to respawn myself, neither naturally nor forcibly through console.

Anyone happen to know how I can fix this?

Additionally, the glass prefs are not working for the mod. I check to disable it in prefs and it still runs as if it's enabled.