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Author Topic: pomp's pomps (Ch. 17: The Human Artifact User)  (Read 36733 times)

added a banner linking to the comic site on front page

more drops pls
there has been one more recurring character since I made everyone

hang on lemme draw him

propeller pomp confirm

pomp pomp kimochi
i swear to god if youre referencing what i think you are then youre a dead man

redrew chapter 1 (lightspeed pomp)

pomps are wholesome af

pomps are wholesome af

proof that if you make anything cute enough, it becomes wholesome

even peeing on people's faces to the point where they explode of mental trauma

There's probably gonna be a bigger than usual delay for the next chapter bc the book I drew all them in has run out of pages and it's difficult to get a new one

good news I have bought a new book

in-your-face pomp's chapter is coming