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im using a dos emulator on a school chromebook so, but i cant find a file for doom, anyone here have one?

is doom abandonware?
let me call my buddy chexguy whos an expert on the matter

not if doom was once shareware

episode 1, knee-deep in the dead, was and still is shareware.
the rest of the game, episodes 2 and 3, were not and still aren't.

doom II onwards was a retail package.

considering the games are still on sale on steam and gog, the game isn't abandonware.

now, if you just want the shareware episode, it's still pretty widely distributed because...shareware. can't seem to find *only* the wad on its own, but doomworld has a whole package here:
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doom and doom 2 are still being sold on steam, so i guess its piracy to download them for free on other sites?

I've been playing doom for a while now. I think I should tell you about how do make things easy.

1. Get rid of your DOS emulator.
2. Get GZDoom here. It's a very good source port. It comes in a zip package so make a source port folder for it.
3. Get DOOM 2 on steam. Goto the file location of doom 2 in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 2. Once you have that done? Extract the IWAD (DOOM2.wad) into the source ports folder.
4. Click gzdoom.exe & rebind controls and you're ready to play.

Since chromeOS doesn't support windows apps, my best bet is for you to try downloading a linux mirror.

1. Get rid of your DOS emulator.

dude wants the true experience, let him rock

The true 256 color 64kb audio experience

is doom abandonware?
let me call my buddy chexguy whos an expert on the matter
No it's not abandonware although the engine source code was released in the past which could probably lead some to that conclusion. Of course that's just the engine not the actual game which is stored as a WAD file.

If a person wants the WAD files for Doom 1 & 2 they'll have to buy the games from somewhere like Steam, it's pretty easy to locate the files afterwards. These games are still being sold with money being made off of them, downloading them straight off a website for free is def piracy.

If anybody wants an official free version of Doom then there's the shareware episode. Otherwise buy it off of steam or gog for $5 or even cheaper on sale.

why learn stuff at school when you can pirate video games on school equipment

OP needs to understand he can get Doom on a calculator

big brother focus on passing school before you try and play doom oN a loving cHrOoOoOoMe BoOk WhAt ThE forget