Author Topic: Is anyone else having trouble authenticating with the master server?  (Read 429 times)

I'm hoping it's just a temperary thing and not a sign of the god damn apocalypse, but I just tried opening blockland for the first time in a long time and the server authent is just loading and loading and loading, is anyone else having this problem?

Ever try restarting Blockland?

Ever try restarting Blockland?
If you mean have I closed and reopened the game, no, not once in my entire life. It's still running on the original Windows XP laptop that I opened the demo on for the first time somewhere around roughly 10 years ago.
I've restarted the game multiple times, reinstalled the game, validated the files (this is the steam version, though my BLID was migrated to it from a purchase from the site)
I'm at a loss.

It's normal. Probably some kind of outage for steam, or your network is just being odd.

Try closing it and opening it again  :cookieMonster: