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Author Topic: Conan & TBD's Minigolf Extravaganza [Downloads]  (Read 7480 times)

Server Overview

Welcome to the Minigolf Extravaganza forum topic! This server has been in development for the last 4 months. It was inspired from Zapk’s original minigolf, and even
includes some legacy courses you may remember from the old server. The mod was created originally by Zapk, and heavily edited by Conan and Jasa for this server.
It now includes a full client menu, the ability to choose and create your own group, play any of the eleven courses with your group at any time, and unlock / buy custom
skins for your ball. The lobby includes a practice green, hat and  skin shop, tennis court, and a special secret! Stop by on opening day to come check it out!

Client Overview

This server includes a special client which is required to connect and play on the server. Using the minigolf menu is the easiest way to create a group and start a course.
  • Group Tab - How do I manage groups?

    • Creating a Group
      • Open the minigolf menu with a keybind or /menu, then click 'Groups'
      • Click on your username under the 'Playerlist' column.
      • The 'Create Group' button will appear. Click it and create a group.
    • Add Group Members
      • Make sure you've created a group before adding members.
      • Select the player you wish to add from the 'Playerlist' column.
      • The 'Invite to Group' button will appear. Click it to send an invitation to the selected user.
      • Respond to invitations your recieve with /accept or /decline
    • Removing Members
      • Click the member's name in the 'Your Group' column.
      • The 'Remove' button will appear. Click it to remove the member from your group.
      • Removing someone mid round will forfeit their score
  • Course Tab - How do I start a course?

    • Selecting a Course
      • Open the minigolf menu with a keybind or /menu, then click 'Courses'
      • Scroll through the courses. Choose one and click on it.
      • The left pane actives. The course preview is displayed with the play button.
      • Choose 'Play' to play the course.
    • Advisements
      • Make sure everyone in your group is ready to play before starting a course. AFK players could slow down your round.
      • You need a group to play any course.
      • You are allowed up to 6 people in a single group.
      • Playing solo is also an option.
  • Leaderboard Tab - What is the leaderboard?

    • Understanding the Leaderboard
      • Open the minigolf menu with a keybind or /menu, then click 'Leaderboard'
      • Server records are on the left, and personal records are on the right.
      • The leaderboard will be reset before the server opens, but not at any point afterwards
      • In the event of a tie, the shortest time is determined as the better score

Points and Buyables

Points are earned by playing courses. The payout is as follows.
  • Par - 1 Point
  • Birdie - 2 Points
  • Eagle - 3 Points
  • Albatross - 4 Points
  • Hole in One - 5 Points
  • Completing a Course - 5 Points
Along with the ball skins below, you can also buy hats for 50 points, and accessories for 25 points. Note that regular hats and accessories are made for the blockhead, and can't be worn on golfballs.


Course Listing

Here is course information on each course on the server. Including a preview, a short description, and unlockable.

Lobby Gallery

The lobby acts as the spawn and common area for the server. Behold 2 months of building.

Server Rules

  • Do not spam in any form.
  • Report any abusive players, administrators, glitches, events, etc.
  • Use common sense and show everyone respect.
  • If you have questions about the rules or the server contact a verified administrator from below.

Server Administration

The Brighter Dark (2227)
Conan (4928)
Buddy (28116)
TF141 Ghost (31788)
Cowboy6 (33249)
Jasa (49865)
Herecy (216)
Sylvanor (378)
Faraday (1481)
Floppy (1681)
Crown (2143)
Khaz (2973)
Mr.Noßody (6480)
SphericalCube (7504)
Whirlwind (8429)
Smallguy (9373)
bµbbler (9772)
Pah1023 (12247)
WALDO (13063)
Jakob (14941)
Ostinyo (15269)
Mega Bear (15972)
-Qiw- (17849)
DragonoidSlayer (29131)
Allun Pentax (30881)
Visolator (48980)


  • The Brighter Dark - Co-Host / Build Lead
  • Conan - Co-Host / Code
  • Jasa - Code / GUI
  • Mega Bear - Build Dev
  • TF141Ghost - Build Dev
  • jemmykanga23 - Build Dev
  • AllunPentax - Build Dev / Screenshots / Music
  • Nixton - Build Dev
  • Khaz - Build Dev
  • Shantu - Build Dev
  • Mr. Noßody - Custom Hat / Build Dev
  • -Qiw- - Build Dev
  • L - Paintings
  • Zapk - Original Server

This server is scheduled to open on Saturday, September 29th. (9/29/18)
  • Sunday, September 30th
  • Saturday, October 6th
  • Sunday, October 14th
  • Saturday, October 20th

Sponsored By:
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*Required to connect to the server*

Created by Zapk and Jasa, Client_Minigolf provides the core client functionality needed to play. It enhances user experience by providing a friendly and intuitive way to do basic tasks on the server. It includes the minigolf menu, custom images, keybind, and a bunch of support resources. Download below now!

Installation Steps
  • Download the latest version from below.
  • Drop the .zip into the Add-ons folder in your Blockland directory.
  • Restart your game if it's running, and connect to the server.


Totaling to 12 tracks, Allun Pentax composed special songs to accompany each course. These take a while to download and are available to download directly here. Use them to shorten your download times or use them for your own project!

Music_Minigolf 11.4 MB
(Mirror) Music_Minigolf [11.4 MB]

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This is one of the most fun games I ever played in BL. The gamemode is so well put together in every way, and there's not just minigolf but side challenges and unlockables too.

wow this actually looks amazing
y'all rly sinked a hole in one with this server

looks like minigolf released before brickadia. time to play minigolf for all eternity

Played the test run earlier and this is the best gamemode I have played in a long time. Can’t wait to see this hosted soon.

also that is some top notch club house

Holy stuff this is high production quality stuff


ohhhhhh mf god I'm changing my pants

probably around 1pm us central