Author Topic: Toys R Us bankruptcy auction canceled, brand set for revival  (Read 1256 times)

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this won't last long. the market for children's toys is almost entirely online and toys r us just cant compete there.

these old anchor chain stores are rightfully dying. their age and method of doing business is evaporating.

the only physical-location toy stores that really make any kind of profit now are ones in amusement parks and malls. the days of kids getting excited for a trip to target to buy toy lightsabers passed over a decade ago. now they just wait for it to arrive in the mail. after all, why should parents want to put up with the hassle of getting kids ready to go out, getting them to all behave and stay in their car seats on the ride there, behave themselves in the store without breaking or knocking over any stuff, and not begging their parents to buy them every single thing they see, when they can avoid all of that by shopping online and having the product delivered to the house?

that's the real beauty of online shopping in today's age. it saves parents so much time and needless headaches of having to deal with taking their kids out in public. and it's the biggest reason why toys r us is ultimately doomed to oblivion. today's technology in today's society makes their business obsolete.
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Like Planr said, as much as this is a piece of my childhood it's time for it to die.

cool they're bringing toys r us back for a season 2

they should partner with fortnite

I thought they were just pulling out of the us. The ones in canada are still open

It would go online and die like Blockbuster.

It would go online and die like Blockbuster.
real stuff blockbuster would still exist if they bought netflix but instead made a bold decision not to