Author Topic: "Gibbing", or "Jibbing"  (Read 977 times)

Ive just been told that some people think that the term "gib" or "gibbing": when a character is blown into chunky bits, is supposed to be pronounced with a J.
Apparently it's because the word giblets is also pronounced with a J, so gibbing should also be pronounced with a J.

Sounds like a gif vs jif argument if you ask me.
What do you think?

I've also heard both giblets and jiblets, so.... »\_(ツ)_/»


its spelled with a g for a reason. gib.

Anyone who pronounces it with a hard G (J sound) needs to be shot on sight

it's short for giblets (pronounced with a J sound) so any pronunciation other than with a J sound is objectively wrong

Blame the french for that problem
it's jib

xbox ahoy pronounces it as jibbing

I don't like the cut of this jib.

hard g for gib/gibbing, soft g for giblet

they pronounce gibbing with a g just like monday isnt pronounced "nijjer"

would you pronounce gift as jift?
what about gourd as jourd?
gallop, jallop?
gear, jear?
ghost, jhost?
gib, jib?

if its derived from giblet which is pronounced jiblet then I think it'd be jibbing or jibs.