Author Topic: 😎best forumer/blocklander 2018😎 [hulk hogan WINS]  (Read 11029 times)

if tony doesnt win im deleting blockland forever

who even is renouism?????? waht the fukc

id choose verticalhorizon if this was years ago but imma have to Give it to Pecon

I really want to vote for Pecon because they are pretty great, but they're probably gonna win anyway for their contributions, so i'm gonna show some support for VH because they're OG, have also made a few contributions, and are also pretty great

oh yeah and i forgot to mention that i'll put all the winners in the tri-wizard tournament to see who will win the most entry level irony epic points

who even is renouism?????? waht the fukc
hi I've been on the forums for like 7 years

I voted the OG over the contributor last time, so now i'm voting for the contributor over the OG (sorry, Trog)

ironically swollow stopped contributing

*hands u this dub in an evenlope* pass it on

swollow helped make the classic theme so like. gotta be swollow this time
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Swallow seems like a good man i'm voting for him