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but with an output event named setEnvZoneMusic that takes the arguments %zone and %music, with zone being the environment zone name and music being a music dropdown

bump i tried to make this but the codes too confusing lol

I'm willing to give it a shot. Though, how are you getting Environment Zones to work with your Blockland? I tried a fresh installation of it and my server crashes every time.

idk what ur doing wrong i just followed the instructions on the forum post so

What version of BL are you using? Is it r1986 from the github page?

make sure when you replace your bl executable you make it read only

Got it to work with r1986 instead of r1997. Here it is: Event only works if in brick owned by admin.

thanks i didnt even see this post because i havent been on blf but damn now i can work on my stuff without getting aids