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Right now its sitting at the top of the server list with 40/20 players, and it's password protected. I can't find a website or any other reference to it online. What's up with this server?

the geniuses who used to host medieval rp

It's basically guaranteed that they're just faking a playercount for... who knows what reason.

Edit: il-Khan conferred with me and apparently it's legitimate, they just don't want to make the server public quite yet but it's still showing unprecedented popularity.
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It's basically guaranteed that they're just faking a playercount for... who knows what reason.
Do you still believe the earth is flat?

it's a retard server full of fake players

It's basically guaranteed that they're just faking a playercount for... who knows what reason.
server's running glass, so you can just preview the player list. seems legit to me?

I would only play that server if the game was remade as like a mini MMORPG. And this doesn't have to be like all the others where we're forced to cut trees for half an hour just to get some money. They could easily place a bunch of mobs around and each kill would drop loots like normal MMORPG's should. The space in the map is a decent size to make this happen. It's not too big that players would find nothing to do, and it's not too small to where there's too little to do and wouldn't be filled up with too many players.

i honestly dont get the hype around it, it was hosted before with 200k less bricks. I managed to join briefly during a time it was not passworded and found it to be exactly the same as it was a year ago. the players are not fake ya'll need to get over yourselves for real

freakin' nerdy LARP'ers and their stoopid fantasy game >:(

I actually played it a bit, it seems pretty cool but you start out in a weird Kokiri forest replica and I can't figure out how to get past it. The only way out I found winds up leading to a literal dead end.

Also, on another note, im impressed with the player count. Still proves that people can get excited about stuff on Blockland :)


As a Super Admin on SapphireServers, I'd be glad to clear up the confusion regarding our server.

Our Medieval Roleplay server is currently passworded, as it's still only in the beta stage. There are a few changes and new mechanics we'd like to introduce and test out, before we open it up to the public. That being said we are happy to welcome most of the players who can put up with the occasional bugs, and the sudden change of rules. If you think you could deal with that, and would like to see the server for yourself, don't be shy to message me for the password.

Having such a high playercount actually surprised me as much as it surprised you, I thought if we'd get 20 players, I'd be happy. However as we released the beta, players kept on joining to the point where their number crashed the server, which is why we've set the current limit to 40, (sometimes we are such daredevils we raise it to 45!!) it only seems that it's at a constant full server because usually when someone leaves, another one joins in less than a minute. I actually get 2 ~ 4 people messaging me to let them know once there's an opening.

As far as I know all of the players who join were actual people. They walked, they talked and most of them played fair.

While we did consider adding RPG elements to it, the idea was ultimately scrapped. Since you can find most of the equipment and weapons by exploring the map, gold only serves a purpose in player-made economy and roleplay. Every person you meet in-game is another player. (It's not as bad as Fallout 76, I promise)

I think the hype could originate from the fact that the server has been in development for over a year, overtime we reworked most mechanics and rules, as well as extended the map with some new zones for the player to explore.

The reason for the players to spawn in the Lost Woods (which actually is influenced by Kokiri Forest and the Forest Maze, good job on getting the refference!) is intentional. For those of you who played previously you may remember that it actually felt more of a Simon Says game than an actual forest, where if you took a wrong turn you'd be instantly sent back to the start of the forest. In the development, we made it more maze-y. The reason why the players spawn in it is that so we could see if it's too easy or too hard, and change it accordingly.

Medieval Roleplay only opens up on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as we're quite busy on weekdays. If you wish to join, please click here to check the counter until the third beta run.

If you have any more questions, I'm happy to answer.

Thanks, and have fun!


Basically the build is larger and better, reason the player count looks goofy is because the admins forget with the command to raise and lower it. Will be fun but needs like 60 players to fill the new map.