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Basically, this all started during my first time playthrough of mother 3 and I was in chapter 2, when I first saw Kumatora, I was basically a little confused as to who was she but when I encountered her in the middle of my playthrough, I already started to like her because I enjoy her Tomboy-ish personality, her dialog, and most importantly, her character design and she is really a badass character. When chapter 3-8 Came in, I became more and more obsessive of her and by the time I completed mother 3, she actually became my all time favorite Female character in Video Games.
I know that there are other female characters that other people like such as Quiet From MGS V, and Princess Zelda but those two got nothing on Kumatora, especially with Anna from Mother/EBB and Paula from Earthbound because she is basically my type of character that I really enjoy a lot, and I know this is mostly likely for me to get downvoted and being judged on but I personally find Kumatora....Hot.
Yes, what you read that right there is one of the reasons why I like Kumatora a ton, she is really hot just by looking at her design and especially when she is violet in Chapter 4
Now, to put a little disclaimer here, No I do not consider Kumatora as my waifu and I don't want to do anything to her because well, she is just a Fictional Character, you really can't marry or do anything to a fictional tomboy that doesn't exist In the real world, because to be honest, it'll be a bit weird to call Kumatora my waifu.
So this ends it here, as I mentioned before, this will most likely get downvoted to oblivion, and I might get judged badly but I really hope some of you understand here what I'm talking about, and if not, that's okay, I'm just some crazy person that tries to be normal anyway, but yeh.
TL:DR: Kumatora is really hot.

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   item.ammo = AmmoID.Bullet;

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